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泛为 FancyDigital
北京泛为信息科技有限公司(英文简称 FancyDigital)是中国领先的数字营销技术公司,专注视频营销。公司总部位于北京,在上海、广州设有分公司。


北京泛为信息科技有限公司(英文简称 FancyDigital)是中国领先的数字营销技术公司,专注视频营销。公司总部位于北京,在上海、广州设有分公司。FancyDigital推出视频营销、移动营销、社交营销三大主营业务,差异化地整合优质视频资源,为品牌广告主提供以“视频+”策略为中心的一站式营销解决方案。并通过系统化、智能化、数据化的投放方式,跨屏跨媒体跨内容打通各投放渠道,帮助品牌广告主更高效地管理传播专案、提升传播势能。

Founded in 2013,FancyDigital is a leading digital marketing company in China, focused on online Video ads. The company's headquarters is located in Beijing with branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou.FancyDigital hasexpanded three major businesses including ,to integrate quality video resources differently.FancyDigital will provide a one-stop marketing solution centered on the "video +" strategy for brand advertisers.Through the way of systematization, intellectualization and datamation, and cross-screen,cross-media, cross-content , FancyDigital willhelp brand advertisers to open up the channels of communication and to manage the project more efficiently and enhance the potential energy of the spread.




Founder and CEO Cherise Qin The number of outstanding female engineers in the field of marketing in China. She has represented Shanda to the United States to promote the research and development of ad-technology.She has rich experience and insight in the application of data mining, Natural Language Processing, user behavior analysis and traffic monitoring and assessment in the marketing field.

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