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About KuYun

Who are we

The January of 2013 is a common month seen from the whole history of human being.

KuYun Interaction was founded at that time. Partners who believed in “being non-follower” built up the company.

Looking backward, the mobile Internet was raging like high waves.

However, we made a forward-looking decision: family entertainment could be our starting line on a path of dream.

With the support of the starting line, we flew in full swing toward multi-screen omnimedia.

We have no intention to dare to change the world. However, we want to prove ourselves with our foresight and action.

Intelligent technology is the sole method to be used to change the old pattern and is able to create brand new commercial values.

What are we doing

KuYun Interaction is a trailblazer and pacesetter in the new generation of big data platform regarding TV media. And it is the first technology company in the sector which can provide omnimedia data service. We boast over 100 patent technologies. By employing these AI and big data technologies, we can provide clients with big data platform service and intelligent marketing service which revolve around our users’ KID.

In terms of big data concerning TV media, we grip the absolute leading position. Up to March, 2018, we have covered 80% TV terminal brands and boasted an accumulation of 600 million users’ KIDs and 320 million active users’ KIDs. We have provided TV media big data service for over 400 TV stations (including 7 major satellite TV stations), top 10 film and television content production companies and advertisers, all of which are our eco-partners.

On this basis, we have pushed forward a new strategy that we will restructure big data of media, users and enterprises with users’ KID as the core. Firstly, we will continue our advantages in big data regarding TV media. In the meantime, we will accelerate the pace in restructuring and digital outdoor media; in addition, we have established strategic cooperation with partners, such as Baidu, Alibaba and Sina, to forge a leading omnimedia big data platform in the sector. Finally, we will dedicate our efforts to break barriers between omnimedia big data and real-time big data of enterprises, which can practically help enterprises to realize intelligent marketing and business decisions.

In the era of AI, we master the real-time big data of users, which is the new currency in the era of intelligent marketing. It will not only profoundly influence the business decisions of enterprises, but also upend the opaque and unreal data pattern, so as to drive new impetus into the whole sector.

Our vision and mission is to build a fair, transparent and highly efficient omnimedia ecology by means of AI technology.

At present, KuYun Interaction owns over 200 staff, among whom technology research staff account for 50%. Our core team members own over ten-year experience in sectors like Internet, broadcast and television, and marketing. Except our headquarter in Beijing, we also have branches in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Shanghai.





Peng Li

Chairman & CEO of KuYun Interaction Technology Co., Ltd

With 17-year experience in start-up enterprises, he has engaged in sectors like finance, online tourism, mobile Internet (mobile game, music and reading), entertainment and big data.

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